Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Betsey Johnson Wallet and Purse For Sale

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For Sale
Betsey Johnson Wallet
(click pictures to enlarge)
 P7120001 P7120003
 P7120005 P7120006

Betsey Johnson Reversible Purse
(click pictures to enlarge)
 P7120010 P7120015
 P7120012 P7120019
  P7120014   P7120022
P7120011 P7120013
I’d like at least $5 for each item, plus shipping.
Shoot me your offers!!
comment or email: snthierry@gmail.com

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Kelsey said...

i had a year long obsession with Betsy J until she took my money lol.. well.. i mean how could u not spend it on her clothes! her shoes are aodrable too- and this wallet and purse combo is pretty fabulous. her dresses are to die for!!


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