Tuesday, July 20, 2010





Mom made some pasta salad and chicken. Then cut up some strawberries.

I ate wayyyy too much and my stomach still feels awful haha.

running copy

Ever since I read “My Life on the Run” by Bart Yasso, I fell in love with Ultra Running.

Since then I have read:

Ultramarathon Man – Dean Karnazes
50/50 – Dean Karnazes
and currently:
The Extra Mile – Pam Reed

I knew I wanted my surgery done because I always had this dream of running ultras and obviously I needed to be able to run more than a mile. So it was a no brainer that I wanted to run the rest of my life.

Each of these 3 runners have ran Badwater. The true test of the running body. The hardest ultramarathon around.

Ultimately I want to try this out. To be able to say you have done this would be incredible.

Obviously I won’t be attempting any ultramarathons for many of years.

My future looks like this:

college: college racing obviously
post college: half marathons, marathons and other road races.
then post kids probably will be ultra running, or when I want a break from competing for speed.

I really love endurance things. I love to see how far my body will go, which is why I loved the half marathon so much. I definitely look forward to doing more running like that.

Q: What are your ultimate goals in life/running/or whatever you love to do?


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runnerforever said...

Ultramarathoners are so incredibly inspirational, very tough athletes!

Kelsey said...

id eat way to much of that pasta salad too lol <3 it looks really yummy, especially tastes extra good when mom makes it!!

thats a pretty rad future! working up to ultra marathons is such a big goal but toally worth it if thats ur thing! anyone who CAN do one, SHOULD haha, would definitely be a neat thing to have accomplished huh!

xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

god, talk about ultra...i just want to do a regular marathon. in due time though. i have tendinitis so i need to heal.

that would be awesome for you if you could do an ultra marathon - which you can!! power to you!!

Matt said...

I would love to do an ultra some day. I am not quite sure my body is ready for it right now, but I know it is in my future.

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