Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love me some designer jeans




Grapes and cheese & crackers!


Took some old clothes to platos closet and got $25 dollars. I tried on over 10 pair of jeans and they were all too long. I hate shopping for jeans. But I ended up finding some that i fell in love with for $20. They are just a tad long but can always be rolled to capris, or just cuffed. It’s whatevs.



I like them! They are 26R so I’m sure if I bought them at an actual store I could’ve found 26 short but then I would’ve paid $100+, I’ll make due.

Tried on some Sevens, True Religions, Chip & Pepper, Silver, 1921 and Miss Me’s. All fails. I need to get taller, then it won’t be a problem.

Q: Do you have trouble shopping for jeans?


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Genesis said...

i ALWAYS have a problem with jean shopping. the best that i have found are at walmart for $20, cheap-o but it works. my issue mostly is that they are too short, even though they say LONG it still isnt long enough for me and they shrink, so it ends up looking like im preparing for a flood :S plus i have a small ass so even if it fits right on the leg area, the ass part is quite void...sucks to be me.

Matt said...

Lol I have trouble shopping period.

Kelsey said...

those are some nice bum hugging jeans! i love when jeans make the bum look good huh!

and anytime u can get designer goods for a good price, even better!!!


Anonymous said...

i love jeans but HATE shopping for them, especially because jeans are unforgiving. if i feel "off" then i dont even want to put them on!! designer jeans fit really well EXCEPT for the length. they are always SUPER long!

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