Monday, July 26, 2010

No one ever drowned in sweat.




Long Run Yesterday.

6.5 miles in 53:00 @ 8:09 pace

Run felt pretty good. There was a nice breeze. Left around 5:15pm to go out because I've got stuff to do and dinner to know the usual ha.

A few pros and a few cons to the run.

pros: the blister between my toes popped with 1 mile left and it felt great. I actually got to relieve myself in a bathroom midrun. the breeze. Had a bit of shade for 2 miles. no dogs were out to bark at me like they usually do. pace was decent.

cons: puked a little in my mouth within the first 2 miles so my throat burned the rest of the time. calf muscle was a bit tight for the first half of the run. no one had their sprinklers on. had to stop longer at the intersection to fix my ipod because it froze (at least that light is long and so it didn't matter that I had to fix my ipod because I couldn't of crossed anyway until I finished)

mile 1: 8:13
mile 2: 8:14
mile 3: 8:07

mile 4: 8:24 (this was slower because it was partly a stop and turn around so I had to get back into the rhythm again. but also because my blister was hurting pretty bad)
mile 5: 8:06
mile 6: 8:00
.5: 3:59



Yeah..I had forgotten to take a picture before and quickly took one after for you all. So excuse the arm in the left corner and I blurred my face because it wasn’t that attractive! hahaha



Pasta Con Broccoli for dinner! Then of course Big Brother US and Drop Dead Diva.


Alex let me borrow his Canon Digital Rebel XT, so if you own this camera and have any good blogging tips about it, let me know! :)

Graham is quite fascinated with it, that’s for sure.

Day 1 Graham


Day 2 Graham – still fascinated


Don’t his curls look nice? He just got a bath on Saturday! He is super soft now!!


Upcoming Events

Keep reading because this week there will be some exciting things going on!

: Possible Giveaway
: Workout Wednesday
:Completion of the Puzzle!
: Cross Country race on Saturday (first cross country race in forever, this is one for everyone, not collegiate)


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Anonymous said...

ummm that is a smoking pace for your long run. i am wayyyy jealous!

and is the title of your post from a RW email quote? i got that today and it made me smile a lot

Matt said...

Great long run!

There is minimal broccoli in that pasta con broccoli ;)

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