Monday, July 26, 2010

Running Recap

First off, I want to talk about the blog. I’m going to start including more things to do with running because honestly that is my main passion. I document my food so I can see what I eat and how that fuels my running. So I’m going to start posting cool articles, products, pictures that I find interesting. :)

With that being said…check out this article written by Matt Fitzgerald.

It’s a study comparing 31 miles per week with some faster miles to 43 miles per week with no fast miles.

Sports Science Update: Run Fast to Run Fast

Q: What are your favorite websites to get information on running?





If you are a new reader (Hello!) then I will fill you in on the website I use to log my runs.

Running2win is wonderful and I use it because there are so many options of things you can log about. But also it doesn’t round your mileage like Dailymile does. I must say that daily mile is a more attractive website, but I use and love Running2win to log my runs and that’s what I’ve been using since high school.


This is the top half of the logging part. And I have the drop box for type of activity open to show you all the options.

Then there is a section to write about your run right underneath the “type of activity”


Then here is some additional features at the bottom. I don’t really use these but they would be helpful to some!

The website is free and I just thought I would share :)


3 footprints:

Genesis said...

im gonna have to check out that website and see whether i like it better than DM. thanks for the article too.

Matt said...

I am totally going to have to check out that website! I use dailymile just to share my running, but I have a running log of my own that is much more detailed.

Anonymous said...

very intense website for data. i just use a notebook! i record similar stuff but sometimes (like right now this week) i get lazy and only the runs get documented without commentary haha

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