Monday, July 26, 2010




Chocolate Milk



Domino’s pizza with sausage and spinach. I ate half.



Finished my puzzle…with one missing piece!



Hello Spikes.


You’re looking awfully dirty.


Ah, much better.



Pasta Roni for dinner.


5 footprints:

Matt said...

Lol how long did that puzzle take?

Kelsey said...

i swear, i cant sit down to a puzzle cuz my whole family knows how manic i get "must finish must finish!! must finish!!!!" haha. congrats so completing it tho!! now do it again lol jk.

geez i missed so many of ur posts! its funny how quuickly i miss something when i spend a couple days absent-minded hehe.

mmm pasta roni!! i need a wheat-free version of pasta roni, that would be DELICIOUS!!

xoxo <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
I just gotta say I LOVE your blog. I'm sorta 'weird' about eating, and you've helped me learn that I can be healthy without eating 'asbolutely perfect' foods.
When I was a tween, I could eat literally an entire medium pizza. in one sitting. Im 17 now, and haven't had pizza since then because i convinced myself it has too many calories.
BUT, I am sitting here eating my second slice of pizza out of the fridge right now because of YOUR blog. Hey, Im athletic and growing and if it doesn't kill you it won't kill me.

haha just wanna say thanks.

Anonymous said...

YAY FOR FINISHING YOUR PUZZLE!! that is one accomplishment my friend :)

mm that pizza looks so good! love me some good pizza.

Genesis said...

aw, whered the one piece go? did your doggy swallow it? congrats though! i love puzzles. i wish we had space at home for one. it would just get in the way.

do you wear those spiked shoes for regular running? sorry im so ignorant sometimes.

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