Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GoLite Gear 93 days of Giveaways!

Sounds like you guys really liked the Alex Goot cover of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz I posted. Told you it was gooooood.








running copy



hahaha give me a break, I had already ran and this was a “whoops forgot to take a picture…it’s really early and I’m tired” look.


Ran with my friend Jackie from high school. She’s just getting back into running so it was a slower run but just what my legs needed after yesterdays run and my workout tomorrow.

4 miles in 34:50 @ 8:42 pace per mile

mile 1: 8:44
mile 2: 8:36
mile 3: 8:37
mile 4: 8:45



I made scrambled eggs for the first time ever. I’ve never made them myself before. I added salt and pepper, and cheddar cheese! So good.


Then of course a smoothie to go with it.

Mixed Berries
Sunny D with calcium


othernewsNot sure if you guys know but GoLite Gear is having 93 days worth of giveaways! All you have to do is signup once and you are entered everyday. It’s really easy and you can win some cool gear.

You can win anything from a $700 tent to a $300 jacket to running gear and hydration systems.


Today is day 30 I believe and they choose the daily winner and announce it on their facebook fan page here


Definitely something to check out if you love free stuff and easy ways to get it!



So I’ve been reading “The Extra Mile” by Pam Reed, an ultra runner. This book is really good and last night I was super tired but wanted to read and I read over 20 pages because it was so good I couldn’t put it down. I had to wake up early to run though so I only got 20 pages in, otherwise I would’ve kept reading!


Q: What books have you read that were so good you couldn’t put it down?


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Matt said...

The Extra Mile is awesome! Right now I am reading Born to Run and it is really good as well. I think you would like it ;)

Anonymous said...

great running. i've been recently getting into eggs lately which is weird because i've pretty much always disliked them.

as for reading? i love james patterson and lisa jackson and authors like that. sadly the one book i can't afford to put down at the moment is my mcat book

runnerforever said...

I am glad that you found a book that you love.
I am also a bit confused, it popcorn your whole dinner?

Kelsey said...

you must have the best running clothes ever! everytime it always looks like something new and different, love it!

such a gorgeous tasty smoothie you whipped up too!

ps. i just got back from a run and thought of you, lets just say u inspired me to kick my butt for the last few kms :) :)


Anonymous said...

im not a big reader-i really want to read eat pray love tho!! I only read the bible!! I need to read more! haha :)

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