Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will Run in Heat for Sprinklers


This is my “I’m laughing and trying to smile at the same time because my dad is laughing at me” pose. This is also “I just ran 5 miles in 100 degrees so don’t judge the way I look” pose. Possibly the “I’m trying to get my eyes as open but closed as possible. Is it working?” pose as well.

5 Miles in 39:20 [7:52 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. It’s not too hot out. Probably because my body is cold from being inside
  2. My knee actually doesn’t hurt!
  3. Oh that sprinkler is so tempting but it’s right in front of their door and I don’t want to run up to their house…
  4. Ew that dead possum needs to go soon. Hold your breath.
  5. Oh hey intersection that is under construction, you are lame.
  6. These dogs make me laugh every time I pass them. Always trying to chase me. So cute.
  7. Oh gosh, a group of young boys. Please don’t try and talk to me, please don’t try and talk to me.
  8. Good they didn’t say anything of which I could hear.
  9. No time to stretch today! Don’t want to have unwanted conversation with those boys.
  10. Who was that, that just honked, waved and said hi to me? Wish I could see better.
  11. I hope this guy doesn’t think I’m rude for passing him a second time. I’m not trying to show off.
  12. Not looking forward to this hill today. No sirreeeeeeee
  13. Hello dead possum, again.
  14. HOME HOME HOME!! THANK GOODNESS!!! Why are there still golfers out?
  15. Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me!!
  16. OOO Sprinkler!! Aww dang, caught in action.

Q: Would you run out of your way to run through a sprinkler or get a drink of water? I would in a heart beat. However I rarely get that chance.

Q: Do people ever try to talk to you when you run? I’m waiting for the day someone tries to run with me when I pass them hah.


3 footprints:

Anonymous said...

I love sprinklers. I've already decided that if I own a home in a neighborhood and see a runner coming close on a hot day, I'm going to turn my sprinklers on. Seriously... best thing ever!

Awesome times too for 100 degree heat... it was somethin' serious here too, I just do treadmill lately...


Anonymous said...

Twinnies. I seriously run through the sprinklers even if I'm not "running". Or a stop and stand in them...I love sprinklers. There was a man at my last race who had one on the course. I wish I could have found him again so we could be bffs.

Renee said...

haha i ALWAYS go out of my way for a sprinkler. i was just in STL and running at the Arch Park in the morning. it was only 6am and the sprinklers were on and yet i STILL decided to run through them about 3 times. in high school, we would go on this 6 mile loop and this lady would always be watering her flowers near the road with a hose and she always offered us a drink. obviosuly we never could pass it up! :)

people don't try to hold conversations with me if i pass them but they do say "good job" or "keep going" or "lookin good" and that is what i say if someone passes me. ha.

♥ renee

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