Monday, June 27, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You’re An Idiot

Let’s see, I am a complete idiot and didn’t put sunscreen on when I went to the pool. Here’s my logic:

  1. I’m not sure if we will go to the pool because it’s 70 degrees and no sun.
  2. However, if we do go, the sun can still get me through the clouds.
  3. How bad could it be though?

4 hours later


This is what I looked like when I went for my run. If you want a better look at the sun burn, just look at my arm above my bracelets.

I was able to get a run in that night before the burn set in too much, but then I had to take 3 days off of running because my feet were completely toasted and swollen and I couldn’t wear shoes.

I feel like a complete idiot and a failure because I missed three days of training and I have a race that I kind of care about a week from today. Awesome.

But good news is that I should be for sure able to run tomorrow which is our first actual workout and it’s hills. I hate hills, but it won’t be too bad because it’s only 15 minutes!

So if you learn anything from me, it’s don’t be an idiot and put on SPF even if it isn’t hot out and sunny.

In case you were curious, the run went decent that night.

5 Miles in 38:29 [7:41 per mile]


We also moved stuff into our apartment! I will show you the slow progress hah


It’s all a work in progress and nothing is completely done yet. The kitchen is done for the most part but everything else is still being worked on. Plus we are in desperate need of decorations!

Q: How excited were you when you moved into your first place?

Q: How awful are sunburns? Seriously I used so much aloe vera and medicine and still hurt like no other. Today was the first day I stopped burning an insane amount and I went to the pool thursday.


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Anonymous said...

The apartment looks super cute so far! I remember moving into my first apartment sophomore year of college (7 years ago... I feel seriously old! It was 2004) with my friend from the college honor society. We had a two person apartment, and on our first day of moving in, the sink wouldn't turn off and we had to call maintenance. LOL. I hope your experience moving is better than mine.

You're super burnt... I could really tell just because you post pictures of yourself almost every day in here, and you're usually not THAT tan. I can see why you couldn't run for a few days, but you'll be okay in the race, it was only 3 days and you have an awesome fitness level anyway. Plus it might not be so bad to give your legs a rest for a few days :). I hope it goes well!


Forward Foot Strides said...

Ouch, sunburns are so painful!

I LOVED getting moved into my first apartment but I love the place I'm currently in even more. I won't be living here long-term, but I definitely am holding on to it for a little while longer.

Anonymous said...

Awe I lifeguarded outside a few years back and forgot to put on sunscreen once and had blisters. It as terrible!

I have never moved into my own place...yet.

Brooke {FreeBird Runner} said...

I'll raise my hand, too!! I didn't get burnt that badly (wasn't all over, just my back), but I can feel your pain!! But, Even with 3 days off, you will STILL rock your race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apartment is looking great!! How exciting to be out of the dorms! Decorations will come, slowly but surely as the year goes on :)

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