Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh Hey Knee Strap, What are You Doing?


I’m pointing to my knee strap, although my aim is off and it looks like I’m pointing to my massive quad. Moving on…

My knee has been bugging me

4 Miles in 31:46 [7:56 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. My knee is better today than yesterday! Hope this strap works.
  2. Hi black lab friend!
  3. My toe still hurts. When will it heal up?
  4. The grass still isn’t cut. I wonder how tall it will get.
  5. Man I feel really good today. In shape again!

To be honest I don’t remember more than that. I need to do these posts right after I run and then publish them the next day instead of at night or the next day. Because if I have run a second time then I have forgotten my thoughts from the run before.

But I do have another gruesome picture of my foot. It bled more today.


I can’t tell if my other toenail just got blood on it or if it is cracked too? Oh well. For my next run I put a bandaid on and it was better.

Q: What thoughts do you think as you run?

Q: Do you have any current aches?


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