Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plan of Action

Ever have a run/workout that goes horribly wrong and you feel like utter poo?

Welcome to yesterday’s run for me.

6 miles
46:49 @ 7:48 pace

Absolutely awful!! Pace was great, considering I felt like death and that I was going super slow. Ever experience those side cramps or sharp pains in your mid section that make it hard to breathe? :enter pain: It happened during my run. It was awful.

End result: cutting run to 6 miles instead of 7. Yes it’s one mile, and yes it’s a big deal.

Why such a big deal?

It’s going to be a bit hard to hit mileage this week.

Goal Mileage: 37 miles

Mileage so far: 11 miles

Miles scheduled for the rest of the week:

  • Thursday – 5 miles
  • Friday – 6.5 miles
  • Saturday – 4 miles
  • Sunday – 8 miles

As you see that only puts me at 34.5 miles for the week. So this is what I think I’m going to do

  • Thursday – 5.5 miles
  • Friday – 6.5 miles
  • Saturday – 5 miles
  • Sunday – 8 miles

This puts me at 36 which is close enough. We are supposed to end our last week of peak mileage (mine being at 40 miles) in about 2 weeks, so next week I want to hit 40 and then the week after hit 40 miles.

Which means I am giving up a rest day. For the next two weeks I won’t take a rest day. It will essentially still be rest, because it will be an easy three miler with a slog of 2 miles. But that day will help my daily mileage out a lot!

Q: Have you ever cut a run down?

I tend to do this a lot, but I make up for it with the other miles ran.

Q: Do you take rest days?

I usually ALWAYS have a rest day a week. Another reason I’m foregoing my off day and making it a really really easy day is because I will be racing starting next weekend and I don’t want to get stiff which I do when I take a day off.


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