Friday, March 18, 2011

I Cut My Run Again

Sam: 0                      Wind: 153252

I feel like that has been my life all week. Well yesterday was the worst. Winds were gusting at 20 mph and exactly against me and to the side of me the whole run. I had to turn around after 2 miles because I could not run against the wind. Every step I took, it pushed me back. I even almost ran right into the street when the wind was to my side.

4 miles
30:28 @ 7:37 pace



Thoughts on the run:

  1. Holy cow, this wind is rough.
  2. How am I even maintaining a good pace right now?
  3. I really need Katie (our trainer) to rub my calves out.
  4. It’s going to hurt so bad.
  5. I bet people think I look ridiculous right now in my green polka dot spandex and hot pink sports bra.
  6. Well they can suck it because it’s 83 degrees out and I am burning up.
  7. OWWW I forgot how bad it hurts when sweat is in your eyes.
  8. I cannot do this anymore, I have to head back.
  9. Mother nature sucks.
  10. My back is still hurting. I wonder what I did to it.


March Madness!

My bracket is doing pretty amazing. I have only got 3 picks wrong.

Belmont over Wisconsin

Michigan over UCLA

Penn State over Temple

Oh well, can’t win them all!!


Today’s run is a hill workout and I absolutely hate hills.

Pretty sure my hill is almost like this one:


This is how thrilled I am:


Very, can’t you tell?

It’s also raining and what do you know, WINDY AGAIN!!

Q: What’s your least favorite workout?

Obviously mine is hills.

Q: How’s your bracket doing for March Madness?

Mine is doing great!!


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