Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Three Sisters Cereal + Oatmeal

While I was home over winter break I went shopping at Whole Foods of course. While there I saw Three Sisters Cereal for under $2 a bag! I have been reading about their products and threw Marshmallow Oaties into the cart with excitement.

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Three Sisters products are only sold at Whole Foods. Sad smile
I ate the whole bag and didn’t want it to end. Because I attend college 2 hours away from the nearest Whole Foods, I emailed them asking if they would be so kind to send some products for review.
Not only did they send products for review but they sent coupons for a giveaway!



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IMG_9361 P1290048

I really don’t have much to say besides the cereal is my absolute favorite. The Honey Oaties are better than Cheerios and the Marshmallow Oaties are better than Lucky Charms. This is a huge plus because these cereals are much better for you and environmentally friendly too. My favorite part is the price tag. They are extremely affordable!

IMG_9365 IMG_9368

I’m not a huge oatmeal fan but my boyfriend Alex is. I tried the Brown Sugar and Maple oatmeal and thought it was really good and had a good texture and taste. He tried the Cinnamon & Apples and absolutely loved it! He said it was amazing and we need to get more of it.

My favorite part of the oatmeal is the pouch! You tear the top off and empty the oatmeal into your bowl, then fill it up with water. Instead of measuring water out, the pouch is pre measured for the water. How convenient!
Other flavors available:

  • Sweet Wheat (want to try!!)
  • Cinnamon Sweets (want to try!!)
  • Graham Crackerz
  • Honey Puffs
  • Plain Grain
  • Dark Chocolate (want to try!!!)


Win Free Cereal for a Month!

Better known as: 4 coupons for free Any Three Sisters All-Natural Cereal
All you have to do is:
Comment: What’s your favorite cereal?
It’s as simple as that!
No need to have a blog or be a follower.

You can gain extra entries by sharing this giveaway:


3 easy ways to enter, and you definitely should if you haven’t tried this cereal!


Giveaway will end: Saturday, February 12th, a week from today.

***Although Three Sisters provided the prize(s) for this giveaway they are not sponsors, endorsers or affiliated with the giveaway.


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