Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh The Suspense

I’m going to keep you all in suspense of my race. Only because I want to include pictures and the camera is in Alex’s room.

I usually have a day off on Saturday’s but since we had such little mileage leading up to the race I had to make up some mileage.

Coach said not to worry about it though so I just did an easy 3 miler.

3.1 Miles in 24:35 [7:55 per mile]

Splits went:


Thoughts on the run

  1. Oh Hi Patrick!! (Saw a teammate drive past)
  2. I’m breathing harder on this run than I did in the race yesterday
  3. Probably because of the wind and these hills
  4. I really liked the 3k distance. I wish I could run it again.
  5. My legs feel pretty great after racing yesterday
  6. Hi Nate!! (Ran into another teammate that ran about .25 with me)
  7. Was that Cody? (As someone drives past yelling at us)
  8. My splits don’t look like I’m taking this run easy, but I swear I am
  9. DONE!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. I hope it doesn’t leave!


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