Monday, February 7, 2011

Fix this girl’s face


If you thought oranges were my only recent thought wrong. The Oregon Trail fb game is another. Thankfully you only have a certain amount of “stamina” and once you’ve used it, you have to wait hours for it to refill.

This helps my addiction because then I actually decide to do some homework while I wait.


Onto something less lame?

Okay, so after seeing and reading people talk about makeup, I decided it is now time.

Time to give in and start wearing it! However, my wallet does not allow for this to happen, so I’m thinking I’ll have to ask for items as gifts for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Christmas, etc.

So here’s where you come in!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me out. Recommend your favorite products. Doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive, just your honestly. Especially coverup/concealer because my face breaks out.

If you are a makeup company that feels sorry for me and wants more pretty people in the world, then feel free to send me some products to review, use and cover up this face. Smile 

Or if you are a reader that has old makeup or makeup they don’t want and also want me to look better, then feel free to send it my way!

PHEW, glad that’s over with. NOW HELP!


I guess I’ll give you some information on my day.

(+) My Organic Chemistry test is now moved to a week from today. WHY? Because we never got Chapter 13 homework and he asked if we wanted it, and of course we said yes. Who doesn’t want more homework? Actually this is good because it’s more points and good preparation for the test.

(-) Our Chem lab is actually a test review today and he wants both sessions together therefore he moved the time to 2:30. This is a problem because he said we could be there as late as 4 and practice is at 3:30. School comes first though. Priorities. (Even though I’d rather have running first. If only I was a shoe in for the Olympic title, then school could take the backseat)

(-) It snowed! Again. I hate snow. WHY? It makes running difficult. Thankfully the roads and sidewalks should be pretty clear. There’s no way I’m running on the indoor track for 5 miles. No siree.

OH and of course I watched Glee last night and I thought it was fabulous! Smile 

Alright, now leave me wonderful comments about how you plan to help me with my makeup. K, thanks!


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