Friday, February 11, 2011

Dogs are attacking!

Did my long run and I wasn’t even very sore from the time trial Wednesday! That’s good news!

My first two miles were getting out the kinks and then after that I felt amazing.

6.3 Miles in 49:57 [7:55 per mile]


2:14 (.30)

Thoughts during the run:

  1. my ankle kind of hurts
  2. it’s gorgeous out here. why did brent say it was cold? (weather was 22 degrees, feels like 11)
  3. ankle feels better now
  4. okay, now I’m getting hot.
  5. too cold to roll the sleeves up though.
  6. I love this route!!
  7. Aww that poodle is adorable!!
  8. this park is cute, I definitely need to come back here again
  9. almost back!!
  10. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! (yes I shrieked. a rat dog almost attacked me, so scary)


I’m going home today!! WAHOO!!

I’ll post the second guest blog post from my mother on my running history this afternoon!

Have a great day!!

Q: Have you ever almost/been attacked by something on a run?


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