Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Ice Baths, I Love You.




Waffle Wednesday of course. It’s going to be tradition because it’s great pre workout fuel and wednesday’s are our workout days.


3x1000m @ 5k pace, 600m recovery jog in between, 3 x 200m at the end

  • 10 minute warmup
  • 3x1000m splits
  1. goal: 4:15
  2. actual: 4:02, 4:04, 4:04 (that’s 6:29 and 6:33 pace)

then 3x200m went: 39, 37 and 41. Coach told me I was going way too fast for the first two so we slowed down for the last one.

  • 8 minute cooldown.
  • total mileage: 5.15

Then we did lifting after

and I took a heavenly ice bath for 10 minutes


Next time I will actually sit in it. But since it is freezing outside and I didn’t bring extra clothes, I could only put my legs in.


The same ole turkey and swiss on wheat and an orange. I’m sure you are all sick of seeing it so I won’t post the picture!



I attempted to make my own mac n cheese with the elbow noodles they had. We put shredded cheese and milk, but the cheese was not really melting , more like globbing. EPIC FAIL.

But this fruit was delicious!


Then since there was nothing appetizing, I grabbed two slices of pizza and called it quits.


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