Friday, November 12, 2010

So Here’s the Story





Some Italian Sausage Pasta with Orange Juice




Fruit Loops


Alright, so here’s the full story.

I had my appointment to have a follow up for my stress fracture at 11:30. We got to the training room at 11 and Alex did his rehab for his ankle. I sat and played a game on my phone. 11:30 came and I sat down and had my follow up and was told I won’t be able to run until at least after Thanksgiving break! So Long! And we scheduled an appointment for then. Then it was Alex’s turn to get checked on. I stood there waiting for him. Then he finished and I went over to get my backpack.

On my way back over to him which was like 4 steps, I got really queasy and my chest/stomach started to hurt. I thought I might throw up because I was getting really hot so I went to tell him I was going to go outside and then my vision started going in and out with black spots everywhere and I said to Alex “my vision is going black”

The next thing I feel like I’m sleeping and I’m hearing tons of background stuff along with a huge “UGHHHH” Then I start hearing my name and it feels like I open my eyes and see everyone standing around me.

Apparently my eyes were open the whole time but rolled back into my head possibly? And the “UGHH” I heard was myself hitting the ground. So it really all felt like a dream until I woke up and realized “Oh my god, did that just happen?”

So the ambulance, campus police, and firemen all come with their sirens to the training room. How embarrassing.


Then I got to sit in this wonderful bed for a CT scan and wait an hour and a half just to get stitches.

The staff once again did not impress me at the hospital (I don’t want to go back there again) and no one even bothered to clean up the blood running down my face that was now crusted over.


My athletic trainer was kind enough to do the job for me! :D Thanks Katie!! We call her our “Mom/Dad” because she supports us at our races and is always there, much like she was my mom/dad at the hospital.


Finally I get my stitches and am told I have to go get a heart monitor put on.

We end up getting lost again and everyone has no clue where we need to go, congrats Southeast Hospital yet again for failing.

But we found it and the uncomfortable monitor was put on me.


For 24 hours.

So that’s the story. I’m feeling a lot better and thank everyone for their “Get wells!”


I had a cheeseburger and some sunchips, with a gatorade.



2 pieces of pizza and 2 helpings of this pasta. The pizza I actually went and got was sausage. These 2 pieces looked iffy and brent and alex ate them. :D





Fruity cheerios and a banana. I also got some chocolate milk.



Chicken nuggets, hot dog and gatorade.



Whole wheat pizza, cheesy tots and turkey with gravy.


I tried this but it was not good so I didn’t eat it all.


Ice cream with butterfinger and reeses pieces!! :D


Hope everyone is doing well!!


What embarrassing moments have you had?


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VeggieGirl said...

Please forgive me for missing your last post - I'm praying hard that you feel 100% better soon!

Katie Niles said...

You forgot to mention that you passed out right in front of a doctor lol! Thats the best part :) Glad you are doing okay and you're more than welcome for everything!!!! -Mom-Dad

Kelsey said...

thats terrifying! wow and right when u get those little spots in ur vision and things so all black and u get ringing in the ears, u know ur about to pass out, then u get woken up and it totally feels like u were in a dream of some sort yet u know something is weird/different when everyone is standing around you when u wake up. THANK GOD YOURE OK!! <3 <3

Jeri said...

yikes kid! I'm totally a fainter too. It's absolutely terrifying, and I've learned that the "I'm going to puke" feeling is really oh crap I'm going down. Make sure you're eating enough. Get well soon! <3

sarah (SHU) said...

oh my gosh samantha - hope everything's ok!! that sounds like such a scary experience. i am crossing my fingers all of your tests come out normal.

ps: i had stitches in that EXACT location - cheerleading injury in high school :)

Zaneta said...

Im glad you're feeling better! That's so scary! I've passed out a few times... once hitting my head (think face plant) and had a huge black eye! I looked terrible and everyone kept murmuring behind my back and then finally, one of my professors called me out of class and shyly asked if everything was ok and if my boyfriend was involved!! hahaha! We still get a good laugh out of that!! Hang in there girl! :)

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