Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Love Running, I Hate Running, I Love Running

Running and I have a weird relationship.

When I’m injured and not able to run or get time off and am not supposed to run, I hate it. I wish to be running.

But when I’m allowed back, I wish I wasn’t running. Why, you might ask? Because running feels like a chore when you are motivating yourself.

I realized this within the past week of getting back into running. My team is what pumps me up in the morning to get to practice. I love waking up and running because they are there and running is so much more fun with others.

So let’s talk about my running plans of action, shall we? Since this is a running blog and I think I tend to post more about the food I eat than about my running/active lifestyle and I really hate that.

Last week

I was cleared to start running 1 mile with cross training. Here’s how my week went:

Monday – 30 minutes on spin bike
Tuesday – not cleared to run until Wednesday, but played knock out and shot hoops with the team
Wednesday – 1 mile in jogging class @ 7:30 pace
Thursday – played intense game of soccer with some teammates
Friday – 1 mile in 8:26, more basketball
Saturday – off day
Sunday – 1 mile not clocked, 25 minutes elliptical, ~1 hour playing racquetball

This Week

This week I am cleared to run 2 miles. So today I ran 2 miles for a time trial in my jogging class and ran 14:30 @ 7:15 pace.

If everything goes well I will be able to start on the training plan for next week.


It seems crazy to just be running 1 and 2 milers but the legs need to slowly get back into it.

So I’m going to take every precaution to train well and to train smart.



I’m not sure I’m going to post my daily food anymore. It’s just not very exciting and that’s not the blog I want to become and that’s what it was turning into.


Besides the “You Wanted to Know” series, what blog posts would you look forward to me doing?

I’ll definitely have recipes once I start cooking for myself/get out of the dorms.

Maybe you want to know more about my daily life? The things I do instead of the things I eat.


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Anonymous said...

ahh! i liked the pictures of your food =( they were always so yummy looking. don't stopp! haha.
but i think you should incorporate more of your daily activities into your posts, along withhh the food =D that would be awesome.

Samantha said...

lol okay I'll keep the food :)

Anonymous said...

i say you can keep some of the food, like the stuff you get really jazzed about eating.

and i feel the same way with running. sometimes when i'm on a run i think "i hate this" and sometimes i think "heck yes i love this!"

Jeri said...

eh I'm not a big fan of food pics (and not your blog, but blogs in general). I read your blog b/c I think you're a peppy/spunky/fun girl and want to know what's up w/you, not what you had for lunch. Just my two cents. Not like I'm going STOP reading it if there's food pics, I just skim over that part. ;)

Samantha said...

lol okay I'll keep the food :)

Anonymous said...

yesss! haha =)

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