Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haven’t Blogged For Awhile

Mainly because I’ve been busy…

studying for a test I failed. Yes, I actually failed my first test ever. (My parents will not be happy, neither was I)

So I studied for 2 weeks on Chemistry, since we started a new unit. I knew my stuff and how to do stoichiometry. Easy, I did it in high school.

I got 10/10 on the homework and a 5/5 on the quiz in recitation. I knew how to do the practice problems we spent 2 days doing in class.

Then test came. NOTHING like what we had been doing. Wording was completely different, problems I had no idea how to do.

10 of them. Yes a 10 question test, no multiple choice, just solve for an answer.

Some worth 15 points a piece.

I had no idea how to even start them.

I got a 46% on the test. :(


Basically I felt like a failure finding that out yesterday. Not a good way to start fall break.

My grade went from an 87% to a 74%.

I know that I can bring it up because I can get 10/10 on all the homework and raise it to a B, but I really was trying to get a 4.0 this semester and it seems far out of reach.

I just have to keep trying my best.

If we never had tests, I would have great grades. But for some reason I can’t do well on tests.

Worst part is, chemistry is a 5 hour credit class so if I even get a B in the class, I have to get all A’s in my others to keep my above a 3.5, if I get a B in one class and chemistry then I get a 3.467.

However if I just get a C in chemistry and all A’s its a 3.333. Bleh.

Just have to work hard.


I’ll blog when in a few days. Tomorrow we are racing in Peoria, IL at Bradley. It’s a 6k, and a day trip that’s 5 hours away, so needless to say, we won’t be back til late and I will be tired the rest of the weekend from racing, especially with my legs hurting.

Hopefully your days have gone better than mine. And are less depressing.


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