Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What are you listening to?


Obviously it’s not Monday, but I forgot, I was so busy!

So let’s see what you’re favorite songs for the week were!

Kat said: “I am loving Bulletproof by La Roux for workouts right now.”

Matt said: “Right now I am loving the new Muse soundtrack!”

Barbie said: “too many to list: "fancy footwork" -chromeo "american cowboy" -jada and "shawty got moves" -get cool .... just to name a few.”

Shelley said “I really like let it rock when i run :) perfect motivational song! & dynamite has been pretty good too!”


Shannon Rowbury’s Plaulist



My favorite song for the week

Alex Goot – Taylor Swift “Mine” Cover


What have you been listening to?


2 footprints:

Kelsey said...

i havent been listening to any new music lately!! i did hear katy perry's teenage dreams which i didnt like but its catchy, not gonna lie lol.


Katie ♥ said...

Love the playlists!!

My son and I have been loving Chris Brown's new song SOLO! Yes my son is a little stud for sure! Thanks for the sweet comment! xoxo

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