Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Man it feels good to be packed!


My car is packed and all that’s left is collecting little things like laptop, garmin, ipod, etc that I still will be using today and put them into a backpack.

I cannot believe I’ll be back at school tomorrow. Wow, summer went by really fast.


Some things I also did yesterday was watch NerdKerf videos and I got my gmail and google calendar all set up for school because I’m trying to be more organized!

I even put my running schedule so I’ll know what’s on the agenda in case I forget. But it also goes to my phone too.

weekly schedule

That’s a bit hard to read but here’s the running breakdown of what should happen.

Monday: Recovery Run (ran 3.5 miles)
Tuesday: Progressive Tempo: 1.5 mile wu, 3 mile tempo, 1.5 mile cd.
Wednesday: Midweek Long Run: 6 miles
Thursday: Recovery Run: 4 miles
Friday: Hills: Estimating about 2 miles of hills and then about 3 miles for warmup, cooldown.
Saturday: Recovery Run: 4 miles
Sunday: Long Run: 7 miles
total weekly mileage: ~35 miles

Here’s what I did last week.


No training plan followed for that week because of my wisdom teeth. It was more of “do what feels good” running.


Since I am all packed up I get to relax a bit.

* catch up on google reader


* mail out giveaways
* watch drop dead diva from Sunday
* eat dinner with mom
* pack everything else
* go to alex’s

Hope your day is good! And I just realized I forgot about Playlist Monday!! I have a good song for you all too, so I’ll make a new post for that!


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Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear your song. i'm currently digging "solo" by jason derulo.

good luck with all the moving and to do list stuff!

Kelsey said...

YAY!! good job Sam <3

Matt said...

Great week!

Good luck with the move ;)

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