Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amazon Shop


Visit here or go to the tab on the top of my blog.

I decided to open an amazon shop because the OpenSky doesn’t have a lot of products for me to share with you. I’ll still have that but I’ll also have my Amazon shop that includes tons of the products I use!

I’ll give you screenshots of my shop and if you see anything you like, definitely go and check it out!

I added some extra details to many of the products!

There are some GREAT deals on books!








So if there are some products you are interested in, go here!

or click my logo below!


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Matt said...

I have an Amazon shop as well. I need to work on that! I think OpenSky pays more and I like the community as well.

Samantha said...

I don't really care about making money. I really just want to be able to share the products I love and opensky just doesn't have much to offer...yet. I hope they grow bigger but as of now I can't offer much to my readers, and that's who I truly care about.

Sammi said...

Mmmmm Gatorade! I've actually been meaning to buy one of those containers of the powder.

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