Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Caught Up

“Got me feelin' it Caught up I'm losin' control This girl's got a hold on me”

haha everyone’s gotta love a little usher!

Well I was so caught up with all the excitement of my amazon shop and giveaways that I forget to catch you up on yesterday!


To start my day off I had to go to the oral surgeon to get my mouth packed for a dry socket :( booo! It tastes like cloves and is awful!



Ate another piece of cake I made!



Leftover tortellini from my birthday dinner. Don’t worry it looked a lot better the first time, and I still have a review to do on the place we ate!! SO GOOD!



Pork Lo Mein from the chinese restaurant.



A little bit of ice cream love. If this picture doesn’t make you want ice cream, then I don’t know what does!



Some things that happened:

Graham (the dog) was constipated and then finally pooped and it got stuck. Of course he tried wiping his butt on the grass and floor and it got stuck in his fur!! GUESS who had to clean it up? ME?! Ugh.

So first I sprayed him with those…didn’t work. Then as I was wiping him with a towel, a golfball breaks our window and glass hits my brother (luckily he wasn’t cut) so we had to deal with the kids screwing around on the golf course.

Then graham’s butt is still covered in poo, so I had to get in the shower with him and scrub his butt with a washcloth and shampoo. (ughhh)

After that I came down to help clean up all the glass and replace the window because a huge storm was coming our way and we were air conditioning the outside of the house.

What a great day! :(



4 footprints:

Anonymous said...

hahah YES to usher. but BOO to dry socket. hope you feel better!

Matt said...

Wow that seriously sounds like a crazy day!

Genesis said...

what a horrible way to spend your day...poop and glass...

p.s. love usher

Katie ♥ said...

miss you girl and Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great one! Oh my that stinks about the dog, I hope he is better!!!!! Loving the icecream action! xoxo

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