Saturday, July 3, 2010

What will make this blog better?




QuikTrip (QT) was giving out free samples of their sandwiches and pastries. So of course we took them! I had a chocolate long john!


St Louis Bread Co or Panera Bread, whichever you prefer. :)


IMAG0097 IMAG0098

Turkey and Artichoke Panini: Not thrilled at all. Only ate a few bites because it just did not taste good to me.

French Onion Soup: Great as always!



Tortilla Chips with melted cheese on top

running copy





Ran at night which wasn’t the greatest decision, but I didn’t feel like running in the morning. It was really hot and my mouth was cotton mouth the whole time.

Basically that = no fun.



If you haven’t noticed, I had ads now on my blog. As a college student I felt earning money from blogging sounded like a great idea! So feel free to click on the ads at the bottom of my blog and on the sidebar.

I also have Google Analytics. LOVE it! It breaks down the visits and page views.

I’ve also been using Picasa for my pictures. Probably THE coolest photo software, especially for editing. It makes it really easy.


My mom found some old photo’s and I thought I’d share them because they are pretty cute/funny. My brother and I were semi nice to each other growing up and are really good friends now. Which I can’t say for a lot of brothers and sisters out there.




Don’t be jealous of how cool I looked….hahah!

Graham yesterday was laying in the rocks. I guess they were colder?


He’s goofy.


Since I have now changed over to a new blog, is there anything you’d love to see or hear from me? I love answering your questions and would also really love your input on what things could make my blog even better!

Have a great day!!


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dad said...

I actually liked the Panini. Had good flavor of artichokes and was warm, which is different for me because I usually get a cold sandwich there.

Anonymous said...

i read your guest post on matt's blog! nice to meet you.....your blog is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Panera is one of my favorite restaurants! I always look forward to going home so I can have a good sandwich and green tea :) My husband laughs at me because since I've added ads to my blog, I check how many people visit obsessively! I think I like seeing how many visitors I get more than making money...but maybe it's because I haven't made much yet!

Anonymous said...

awwww i love the old pics! and your running outfits are awesome. like always. i'm going to try and channel you anytime that i'm picking out running stuff :)

Katie ♥ said...

Awwwww thanks for the sweet comment, I rarely have good hair days, lol!

Love that chocolate delish, looks amazing!!!!

Great to hear from you on my blog, missed ya!!!


Anonymous said...

haha! Ive missed you!! i love your blog!! I love the way you eat and the way you run!

Matt said...

I will click on some ads and send you some money ;)

runnerforever said...

I love looking at old pictures, adorable!

Kelsey said...

omg you are EVEN MORE adorable than i thought. me and my brothers are like this too. theyre both older than me but the one closer to my age, well we used to dance as kids. my mom has so many photos of us slow dancing at like 3 and 4 years old lol.

OMG! and i loved long johns!! its amazing how u can read a blog and all of a sudden floods of memories poor back especially about certain foods or desserts. wow i can almost taste this. another thing that was similar and just as yummy are big foot donuts..with chocolate-dipped "toes" lol

Anonymous said...

totally understand why you would want ads on your blog- i need money tooooo!!
cuuute pictures :) seriously! & love the panera eats, so delicious

Anonymous said...

hey girlie girl!
Beautiful new bloggy! I loveee it! I hope youve been having an amazing summer!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July. Have a good one
-Chocolate Coated Runner

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