Friday, July 2, 2010

Just a bit of a downhill

running copy





This was a trail run in the trees and I really don’t think the satellite was correct so I’m pretty sure the splits are off. I ran with my friends Jenny and Kathy and we were booking it, which is why I don’t believe the 8:22. It was a great run! We spent about an hour afterward just talking. It’s so nice to have people to run with!!






My dad made ravioli! YUM


Alex came over and we made Tuna Casserole!!!




I forgot to take a picture of my ice cream but I got Cappuccino Cookie. However the cookies weren’t very fresh and I was pretty full from dinner, so I hardly had any of mine :(



I’m really excited for Sunday’s Race. It’s a downhill mile and I really want to get a good time. I honestly have no idea how good of shape I’m in currently, but I don’t think it’s that good of shape.


Q: What are your plans for the 4th of July?


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Kelsey said...

Sam's a blogger girl now hehe welcome to the community love, lemme know how it goes and what u think of it!! <3 xoxo

Anonymous said...

ugh for plans on the 4th. i had to duck out of a fun trip because i have to take a test on the 3rd. booo! so i'm thinking i'll run (duh) then sit out on the pond i live on with some lemonade or something...

i might race on sunday too so good luck to the both of us haha :)

Lauren said...

Hey! Cute new blog :) Good luck on your race! Happy 4th of July!

runnerforever said...

Yay for new ravioli. Oh, and adorable new layout!

Kelsey said...

haha i love how u commented on my blog using blogger to test it out! i feel a bit honored actually hehe. and ur right- it worked!! WOOT good sign!

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