Friday, July 23, 2010

Swallowed Bugs..ew



Hopefully you don’t mind that I reuse this picture. I had another clif z bar.

Was all ready to go bike riding…but then, realized I still needed to air up my tires. Alex has our pump that works on my valves so I was without a pump! Went to momentum bikes but they didn’t have the presta valve adaptors I needed.

Therefore, no bike ride.



Mixed berries, lots of spinach, and sunny D.


I made tuna casserole for lunch. It’s really easy.

Preheat oven to 350*
Boil water then add elbow macaroni – cook for about 7 minutes
In a casserole dish add:
- 1 can drained tuna
- 1 can cream of mushroom soup
- 1 block/box of cream cheese

Then you mix it all together and add the noodles when they are done. Mix in some salt and pepper and then for some crunch add potato chips on top (we didn’t have any so we had to do without today) and then bake for 30 minutes just to get everything melted and hot.

Easy peasy and delicious!



Snacked on these throughout the day..had about 4. Sue me.


Had a fartlek run today. Here’s the breakdown.

Warmup: 1.58 miles in 13:04 @ 8:16 pace

20 min fartlek: 5 x 3min (1min easy 3min hard etc)

1 min: .13 @ 7:47
3 min: .43 @ 6:59
1 min: .12 @ 8:16
3 min: .41 @ 7:20
1 min: .11 @ 8:50
3 min: .41 @ 7:16
1 min: .11 @ 8:59
3 min: .40 @ 7:31
1 min: .12 @ 8:23
3 min: .41 @ 7:22
total = 2.65 miles in 20 min @ 7:32 pace

Cool down: 1.43 miles in 12:27 @ 8:42 pace

Total mileage for the day = 5.66 miles

other facts: swallowed a few bugs on the run. got bit by a few bugs on the run. ipod stopped working with a mile left of the run. creeper guy walking a dog on the run.



Picture was taken post run…sorry haha



Didn’t want anything heavy to eat since it was 10pm so I went for Trix cereal!


Hope your day was exciting! I’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow!


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Kelsey said...

those snack cookies wouldnt last very long with me around! haha they looks so YUMMY!

ur looking AMAZING post run!! <3

Anonymous said...

swallowing a bug while running = biggest fear of mine. gahhh so sorry it happened to you :\

Anonymous said...

trix = legit :)

and there are routes i purposely avoid just because of the bug situation!

Matt said...

I got bit by a bug last night just sitting in my apartment :(

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