Friday, July 23, 2010

Plans Plans Plans



Wendy’s while watching Big Brother.

Speaking of Big Brother, does anyone watch?

Rachel drives me nutzo!! I won’t speak anymore about it because my dad hasn’t seen it yet!




Look what came :)




So cute!

I went to the pink store but only bought a shirt. I love the bling crops and yoga pants but not willing to spend 36 dollars on them. So I wait until they go on sale.


I got this shirt but in purple :)


Workout Plans for the day:

* Bike Ride

* 20 min Fartlek Run (3 min hard, 1 easy)

Life Plans for the day:

* Figure out what to buy on CSN

* Fold my laundry

* Start getting stuff ready for college (meaning unpack from college)


7 footprints:

Anonymous said...

ahh yay pink :) lucky you!

Matt said...

You are still using that giftcard on me right? Should I send you my list?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BIG BROTHER!!!! Most of the girls are annoying and just bitchy. I still don't really have a favorite yet.

Anonymous said...

jealous of the pink gift card :) &lovin the wendy's fries! so good

Anonymous said...

YAY for that pink card! im jealous! LOVE wendys fries-- esp in frostys! YUM!

Anonymous said...

oh man you just reminded me about how much i LOVE wendy's chicken nuggets. so good.

that PINK card is too cute! hope you had a great run!

Kelsey said...

rachel makes the show THAT much MORE entertaining haha. her voice... LOL

mmm WENDYS!!!

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