Monday, July 5, 2010

Running, Race and Giveaway

running copy

Saturday – Day Before Race


Did an easy 4 miles.

Then Alex and I watched Youth Revolt


Pretty good movie, but I wouldn’t watch it again. Just one of those one time views was pretty good but not worth buying.

Sunday – 4th of July – Race Day


Big River Running Company has a mile downhill race called the Macklind Mile.


Race Outfit:


Gatorade sent me the G-Series earlier in June and I wanted to save it for Race Day.



So before my warmup I had the Prime Pre-Game Fuel.


Alex and I agreed it kind of tasted like Liquid Orange Jello. Wasn’t awful but drinking from the pouch was kind of odd.





Wished I would’ve turned my laps onto 1/4’s and not miles. Then I could’ve got my 1/4 splits.


Here’s my timing chart from my Garmin.

After the race I recovered with the Perform since I still had more to run.


Of course it was good because it’s the regular gatorade :)

Cooldown/Training Run After:


When I got back I had the Recover Drink


Absolutely awful. I took two sips and the only way I can describe it is “taste’s like cough syrup” Alex also couldn’t even drink it and he even diluted it with some water to take out the strength of it. Still not good.

So overall impression: Wasn’t impressed and won’t be purchasing the series.

However, that was just mine and Alex’s opinion and everyone has different taste buds, so I’m giving YOU a chance for some Gatorade products that were also sent with the series!!

You can win:

One Gatorade TShirt – Size Large
One Gatorade USB stick – 512mb

P7040067 P7040066

Front and Back

P7040069 P7040070

How To Enter:

Mandatory Entry – Tell me what is your favorite recovery food/drink. Whether it’s after a workout or just a long day.

Add a comment for each additional entry.
Extra Entries – Become a Follower +1
Link Back to Giveaway (twitter, facebook, on your blog etc) +2
What’s your favorite gatorade flavor? + 1

There you go, 5 chances to enter!

Contest ends Sunday the 11th and winner will be chosen on Monday!

Good luck!!

Next Post Contains:
4th of July Fireworks
Daily Life etc


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Ashlei said...

I wish the shirt was a smaller size! Large is huge...anyway...favorite post-workout drink = coconut water! :) Food is oatmeal or pancakes!!

Hope you had a good 4th!

Anonymous said...

my fav post workout is whey protein and a banana blended shake. it's good for the muscles and tastes sooo good, like a chocolate banana smoothie!

Anonymous said...

my fav gatorade flavor has always been the red one. i dont even know what it is, i just loe it!

Emily said...

I kinda like cereal with a banana after a run. Its no clif bar, but it definitely has carbs, and milk counts as protein so it seems worthwhile to me.

Wow, nice race! You're almost sub-6:00, that's crazy good ;)

Emily said...

My favorite Gatorade is grape!

Anonymous said...

i follow you :)

Anonymous said...

i tweeted :)

Anonymous said...

and my favorite gatorade flavor is...fruit punch!

and GREAT RACE! you are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

what a great race! you are so fit.......right now i am loving heed electrolyte drink mix....thanks for the giveaway!

Lindsay said...

I wondered how that Gatorade was. I like a shake post work out.

Bri said...

My fav recovery drink is a yummy Green Monster Smoothie!! Yum yum!!!

Bri said...

I also follow your post!! regularly ! haha

Bri said...

Finally, my fav gatorade flavor is one that is really hard for me to find!! ugh!! It's called Cascade Crash!! Its super good and a pretty dark blue !

Lynzy said...

So before I enter your giveaway let me just tell you it is my first time on your site and I LOVE IT! My blog is mostly about fashion but I also have exercise mixed in because I couldn't live without it and I am currently training for a half marathon!

My favorite recovery drink is... GATORADE!

xo Lynzy

Come enter my giveaway!

Lynzy said...

I am now a new follower MOST DEFINITELY!

Lynzy said...

My favorite Gatorade flavor IS Fruit Punch..YUM!

Matt said...

Lol I don't want to enter. I hate gatorade!

Great race by the way ;)

runnerforever said...

I love the Fruit Punch flavor, absolute favorite for sure!

runnerforever said...

My favorite way to recover is with chocolate milk or soymilk!

runnerforever said...

Yay for running the race. Oh and even though you didn't like the recovery drink, I bet it was still good for your body!

Larissa said...

i just read your post over at kitchen of a runner. i also have compartment syndrome! i dont know anyone else who has it, but long story short since i was not a competitive runner i did not have the surgery. I was told i would have big scars up and down my legs etc and if i wasnt competitive it wasnt worth it.. it was hard to give it up, but i managed. i was just curious about it and stuff. thanks for sharing your experience :)

Andrea said...

I like green smoothies as recovery! With protein powder

Andrea said...

My favourite gatorade flavour (wow two Canadian spelt words in one sentence!) is strawberry kiwi.

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