Thursday, July 29, 2010

LOVE nathan water bottles

good deals

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Nathan Bottles are the ones I use and seriously LOVE. That’s a really good deal for 12.99 for a stainless steel bottle with the flip straw.


So yesterday I was really busy!!





FROYO again!!!


I didn’t have time to get lunch because I was busy with some friends making these!!



For our race on Saturday we made a team of 4 girls (our 5th girl will be in Colorado…so sad) and so we made matching outfits!

We also have matching headbands!



was going to do my MWLR (mid week long run) today but I was busy all day working on kickoff stuff with the girls that I didn't get to eat lunch because they had already eaten at big river camp. So I didn't want to do 6 miles on such low energy. I did eat a clif bar in the car on the way home and some triscuits before my run so that my body had some carbs to break down for energy instead of my muscles on the run.

MWLR will be tomorrow.

mile 1: 8:23
mile 2: 8:16
mile 3: 8:00
mile 4: 8:00
.78: 6:00

legs were definitely heavy from yesterdays workout and today's lack of energy, but they lightened up for the last 2.78 miles. Had to stop in the middle of the run to stretch because my legs were cramping. Some lady across the road yelled at me and asked if I was okay! Very nice of her. :)




I made sure to have a really calorie packed dinner since I missed out on lunch.



Big bowl of mac n cheese



Green monster smoothie.


Tonight I’m going to see Sound of Music! :)


3 footprints:

Anonymous said...

i love the shirts you made! they look wayyyy professional :)

Matt said...

Nice shirts! I want one ;)

Sammi said...

Aww! I love random nice ladies! I stopped and cried during a run once and this lady walked past me and didn't say anyyyything haha.
Now I'm craving froyo. Probably because I've never actually had soft serve froyo :(
Yumm!!! Love mac and cheese!

Have fun seeing the sound of music!

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