Sunday, July 25, 2010

Intro to OpenSky


As you all know, there are many of products that I use and love.

Not only do I love to share them with you but now you’ll have an easy and safe way to purchase them!

OpenSky is allowing me to have my own shop where I can offer you up products that I use and enjoy.

What’s good about this?

Anytime I find a new product that I like I will review it and also try my best to get it in my OpenSky shop so that you can have easy access to purchasing the product!

You’ll be buying from me which you know and trust and that is
the best way to shop! Don’t worry about false statements about products because I’ll provide the truth!

Not only is that a good thing but promotions go on and therefore some products in my shop could be discounted which means you’ll get them for a real steal!

I promise to only sell the products that I have actually used and love!

*these products are completely new and come from the company, not me. I simply just host a shop with my favorite things and let you know my opinion on them.

Some things I hope to sell:


In the left picture of my header I have some of my favorite products.

Nathan Water Bottle
Foam Roller
Garmin 405
Zensah Sleeves


These products are constantly used as well as many more.

I am completely excited about this opportunity and I hope you all are as well!!

Since you love my running outfits, maybe I’ll be able to put some of those products in the shop as well! Then you can look just as good as you say I do!! :)


This is just an intro to my shop and it’s currently in the process of getting up and going! So keep reading for more information on when the grand opening will be!



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Clean Eating Chelsey said...

Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my page!

I love the idea of having an open sky store! it makes it so easy for us as readers to go in and save time instead of searching forever! Thanks!

Tanya's Daily Product Reveiws said...

good idea having an open sky store

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