Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Wish I was Pop-U-Lar.




Fiber One Granola Bar.


Toasted Chocolate Almond Ice Cream.


Before Wicked, Alex and I went to El Nopal Mexican Restaurant near his neck of the woods.


El Nopal Dip – Cheese Dip with Ground Beef and Pico De Gallo

So delicious!!!


Burrito Mexicano – Beef Burrito with Cheese Dip on top as well as lettuce and guacamole. There was supposed to be sour cream, but I didn’t find it!


Then I ordered a side of rice because my burrito didn’t come with any.



Wicked was good like the first time I saw it! It was so cute to watch Alex during the show

because he was so excited and loved it. I like being a part of things that make him happy. :)


We hardly have any pictures together so I took some.


“whoops cut your head off”


“Sam stop I’m not ready yet!” hahahah


Ah much better. Then he said “let my mom take one of us full body” hahaa


The full body shot was blurry, but this one was just as good anyway :)

Do you like how we match? haha totally planned.


Q: Big Brother US starts tonight, who’s going to watch?


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Anonymous said...

haha yall are sooo cute!!!

runnerforever said...

I love rice at mexican restaurants! When I was little I would order a plate full for dinner haha. Oh, and you guys are adorable!

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy said...

You two are too. freaking. cute. Seriously! I haven't seen Wicked, but I did try to read the book a few years ago. haha Definitely hated it, but I've heard the show is a lot different than the books!

Anonymous said...

you guys look soooooo good together :) glad you guys had fun :)

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy said...

Oh! I was going to tweet you this earlier about nail polish and I TOTALLY forgot...
Are the BEST places if you want to stock up...they have EVERYTHING including a lot of the new collections. I haven't bought anything new in a while, but I've used all three in the past so I know they're legit and all that jazz. Just thought I'd pass that along...way cheaper than buying them at Sally's!

Kelsey said...

wow that mexican meal looks like something i would totally enjoy.. i love how oozy and messy it is! perfect for dipping tortillas into!

you look SO BEAUITFUL! awe and now u have a great photo together with him!! :)


Anonymous said...

You guys are too cute!! We tried to see wicked in NYC at christmas was $300 for 2 of us in not so good seats! I hope it was awesome!!

sophia said...

Lucky! I've always wanted to watch Wicked! Love your matching outfits, too! So cute!
And your Mexican meal...oh my Lordie! Creamy and messy and cheesy...just the way it should be!

Genesis said...

my reader list didnt update properly and here i was wondering why you werent blogging anymore! all my fault. im off to catch up on you :)

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