Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Failed Run

You know what’s the worst?

When Ellen is on and your dad leaves for work halfway through it.

Then once it’s over some soap opera comes on and the remote is where your dad left it.

Happens everytime. hahaha

You know what’s even worse?

When you set out for a 6 mile run and can only run 2.65 of it because you feel like complete pooppppp and sickly :(



Had two donettes and a few sips of powerade before going running.


running copy









So what am I up to today you ask?

Mexican Food and Wicked!!!!

Yes I am seeing Wicked again. I saw it with my family awhile ago and then after hearing

“defying gravity” on Glee, the boyfriend Alex started listening to a lot of the Wicked songs

and really wanted to go and see it! So he bought us tickets and that is what we are doing tonight!


I’m going to add a section for giveaways in my sidebar, including mine.

If you know of any going on or have one of your own that you’d like me to add, let me know!



Q: What are you up to today?


6 footprints:

Matt said...

Have fun at Wicked!

I am working pretty much all day. I am going to relax when I get home :)

Anonymous said...

jealous of your wicked trip! have lots of fun! bummer about the failed run. i almost bailed on mine today because i was just feeling gross with the heat. hope tmrw is better!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see Wicked when it was here in Chicago and after YEARS of being here, I freaking missed it. Oh well, Jersey Boys was good!!

Lynzy said...

I just love reading your blog :)

My shorts are by LUCY active wear. The online shop is here:

XO Lynzy

Anonymous said...

Sorry the run didn't go too well. Maybe try something that sits easier before you head out.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Yum! Your lunch looks really good!

I hate poopy runs :S

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