Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feeling Pretty Low





Off brand shredded wheat. I think I like the off brand’s more because they are usually more frosted.




Leftover domino’s pizza and a green monster smoothie.

frozen mixed berries, banana, ice, sunny d, spinach.



Skinnyrunner just had a post about this quiz and I had to do it!!

What type of celebrity runner are you?

My result…

Matthew McConaughey


“Every man I know hates Matthew, but every woman I know secretly drools over him.  He may have a reputation of being a weird one, but he can run around my hood shirtless anyday.”



Today I’m just not feeling very peppy. In fact I’m feeling quite low. I don’t even have motivation to run tonight but I know I have to because I have a cross country kickoff team that needs me to perform well this weekend. I guess I’m going to go read “The Extra Mile” to get some motivation. Because I don’t feel like doing anything else.

Q: What do you do when you are feeling low?


5 footprints:

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon girlie :) sorry your feeling so low.

i love off brand cereals - they seriously taste better to me, not to mention i like the price tag a whole lot more!

Genesis said...

if im feeling low i make a beeline for the remote, shut the blinds and look for a marathon on tv :) sorry thats was completely useless to you.

i took that quiz and im oprah...lmao.

Matt said...

Hope you feel better!

When I am feeling down, I hit the tv for some comedy!

Kelsey said...

i wish i could give you a hug right now. last week i felt this way, and it forcred me to skip out on my yoga class which i really love. the only thing that helps me is cuddles from ppl i love, anything else makes it worse. find someone to give u a massage, seriously boosts happy brain chemicals. its such a sucky feeling!!

thinking of you love <3

Sammi said...

I did that quiz when I saw it on skinnyrunner also and I got Matthew McConaughey too! haha

I haven't read today's post yet, but I hope you're doing better! Lately, I've been listening to music when I've been feeling down. & today I went shopping which made me feel better lol.

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