Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something New Has Been Created

So as you know, this is a running blog, correct? Yes.

However there are two parts of my life:

  1. Running (a huge part, but only takes up a few hours of my day)
  2. The rest of the things I do to fill my day

There are also four types of people:

  1. Those who like to read about my running
  2. Those who want to read about my day other than running
  3. Those who want both
  4. Those who don’t want to read about any (these people shouldn’t bother visiting the blog then, correct?)

Well, I’ve been working on another blog. Yes, another blog.


This blog is what I do besides running. Things I enjoy listening to, reading, and watching. Products I love to use that aren’t running related. Hobbies I have such as maybe the good deals I find and how I saved so much money on awesome products with coupons. You know, the interesting/not interesting daily doings.

I know I could just write about that stuff on here, but I would like to just keep this as more of a running log/diary and attract those who just want to know about running than bore them to death about other facts to do with me.

Obviously I would love your thoughts too because I will definitely listen to what you have to say!

Well why don’t you head on over and leave some comments!!

(Don’t be confused. I am keeping both blogs)


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