Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fartlek’s are Better Than Tempos, but Still Suck

Ah, no post yesterday because I was with my family!! Buying out Whole Foods, ya know?

Well friday’s workout was rather fun…not. It sucked and was awful.

Warmup: 1 mile


  • Fartlek: 5 min, 4, 3, 2, 1:30, 1, 30sec (each interval getting faster)
  • in between each interval was half recovery jog.
  • So: 2:30min, 2, 1:30, 1, 45sec, 30sec, done

Cool down: 1 mile run and 1 mile elliptical

total mileage for the day: 6.5 miles

Thoughts for the run:

  1. It is insanely hot in here
  2. There are a lot of people here
  3. There must be an activities class in here today
  4. They are pretending to fish?
  5. I hope they aren’t staring at me while I run
  6. This is embarrassing
  7. My legs hurt from the indoor track
  8. Whoops, started too soon. I still get 30 more seconds of recovery.
  9. Thank goodness this is almost over


Now at this point in time I should be doing my 7 mile long run while you are reading this post, or at least at the time I published this post.

However, I am not sure where I am meeting my teammate yet and I am writing this at 10:55pm about to go to bed.


Guess I will find out in the morning (which is actually your current time)!!

P.S I like to post really attractive pictures of myself Smile enjoy!

Also, it’s really confusing preparing posts for the next day because this one I am trying to tell you my situation but yet tomorrow when you are reading this, it will have all worked out. Don’t get confused! It will all be okay!! Promise!

Stay tuned for the winner of the giveaway later today!


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