Thursday, December 2, 2010

It’s So Nice to Be Running Again

First up, who watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

I did and my favorite section was the wild things!

This was probably my favorite of them all:



Peacock feathers are so pretty.

What was your favorite section?

So this week I’m back to regular training with the team and I absolutely couldn’t be more thrilled.

Monday: 3 miles

We had to run on the indoor track because it was pouring down rain with extreme storms all around, so it wasn’t a good idea to run outside. The indoor track isn’t my favorite place to run, but when you have people to run with it isn’t so bad. Especially when you have the Garmin Footpod so you don’t have to count laps.


25:07 [8:19 per mile]

Tuesday: 3 miles

My teammate Madalyn and I ran together on a flatter route in town. It was about 30 degrees out but we warmed up after the first mile. We saw 10 deer altogether in a field running. Seeing deer is nothing new but that many was really cool to see. My favorite run was when I was running this same route but alone and 6 deer ran across the street right in front of me. Probably the coolest thing to happen during a run.

Have you ever had anything cool happen while running?


24:47 [8:15 per mile]

3.9 miles

Wasn’t as cold as Tuesday but the wind was pretty strong which made running a hilly route pretty awful. Needless to say, we got slowed down.

7:08 (.9)

32:32 [8:20 per mile]

Do you run with a gps, if so do you find yourself running extra to hit the mile marks exactly? I usually will add on more to hit my daily mileage but since I’m basically in the off season and building, we weren’t too worried. I think it’s extremely nice to just run and not think of the mileage. But when you are training to compete it’s nice to hit your mileage or extremely close because if you are off by .25-.50 every day on your running routes then think of the miles you are shorting yourself. I think it’s really just personal preference though.


Ah, time to go to class!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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