Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week Full of Highlights


I experimented with a new bracelet pattern. This one includes beads and I think it’s probably one of my favorites, but also the most time consuming. These will be $6 because of the beads.

   PB220017 PB220021

Then I packed/gathered up my things to head home!!

 PB220022 PB220023  

I’m really loving my Nike Backpack we got for Track. It’s actually made for soccer, but it works so well for track as well because the ball holder is a great holder for shoes. If you need a gym bag, you definitely should check these out. They are actually on sale at and they have a zipper side pocket on each of the sides as well as a long mesh pocket on the side for a big nathan bottle or any bottle in general. I fit over a weeks worth of running clothes into this bag if that tells you how big it is on the inside!

Then my other bag is my GoLite “Travelite Wheeled Carry On” bag I won from GoLite’s giveaway contest. It is probably the best traveling bag for me since I’m so small and let’s face it, not very strong. I also fit a weeks worth of clothes in this bag. It also can strap onto your back like a backpack which is nice if you are in a rush and don’t want to wheel it around.


For dinner we went to Old Spaghetti Factory which in my opinion has THE best tortellini ever. It’s Spinach tortellini with alfredo sauce. Definitely try it if you haven’t.


Nothing too major went on except Chili Mac for lunch!!!!




We always go to my grandma’s house for thanksgiving. My dad cooked everything and it was all amazing. We had a lot more than what’s on my plate, but I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving food besides the mashed potatoes, turkey and rolls. Yes, I am weird. But most of Thanksgiving food involves vegetables and I don’t like any of it. I’ve tried all the Thanksgiving food in the past and just don’t like it :/


After my grandparent’s, Alex and I went to his grandma’s house and just sat with the family. Alex’s car broke down and wouldn’t start at his grandma’s house. :(


Went to my local running store at 8am to check the sales for Black Friday. Found a cute shirt that says “She runs, She Walks, mile and miles, for a cure” For Susan G. Komen. I bought that for $9 and it’s a tech short sleeve, even better!

Then we found some great deals at JCpenneys. I got 3 pairs of running capris, and two amazingly soft jackets.

Lunch was pasta roni or Turkey Sandwiches. I wanted Pasta Roni since I eat Turkey Sandwiches at school all the time.



We got some pretty bad/scary news. Alex’s dad had gone to their farm the night before and so he was there with a friend fourwheeling. His dad was going really fast and hit a stump in the ground and flew off. He was taken to the hospital in town but then airlifted to the St. Louis hospital. He is incredibly lucky to be alive right now but is in a bit of pain. Thankfully he can feel his arms and legs. Unfortunately he is banged up pretty bad inside with a few broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a lot of inside bruising on his adrenal glands and kidney. If you could, keep him in your prayers for a full recovery. He deserves it.



My last day at home, since I was going to Alex’s house that night.

My mom made Flautas which is one of my all time home favorites!

You chop up onions, cube ham, and put refried beans and cheese all into a bowl and microwave it to get a bit hot. Then you mix it all up and fill tortillas with the mixture then fry them. They are amazing!


I also wanted to make some Puppy Chow to take back to school, because come on, it’s so good!!


We decided to watch Eat Pray Love and I was not a fan. This movie just dragged on and on. I felt like she was in India for the majority of the movie. It was already 1 1/2 hours into it and she hadn’t even gotten to Bali yet. So I guess it was a bit slow if you want to say that. Won’t be buying this one.



As far as running goes, I ran 4 out of the 7 days. I was supposed to run 5 days but on Friday I was running all around town and spending time with my family that I just didn’t have time until it was getting dark out.

Monday: 2 miles in 14:30 @ 7:15/mile
Tuesday: no running
Wednesday: 2 mile in 16:15 @ 8:07/mile
Thursday: no running
Friday: no running
Saturday: 2 miles in 15:29 @ 7:44/mile
Sunday: 2 miles in 14:56 @ 7:28/mile


Keep reading throughout the week, I should have a giveaway this week or next!!


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