Monday, November 1, 2010

Spring Class Schedule

Organic and Biological Chemistry

A survey designed for non chemistry majors or minors covering basic organic chemistry and biochemistry. Two lectures and two-hour lab.

Family Resource Management

Analysis and evaluation of resource management concepts within family systems. Emphasis is on management of economic and human resources.

Nutrition Assessment

Demonstration and use of methodologies assessing food and nutrition behaviors and status of individuals and groups in clinical and community settings.

Jazz Appreciation   (university studies)

An investigation of the development of jazz in order to develop an aesthetic awareness of this art form and its role in American Culture.

US Political Systems   (university studies)

Institutions and processes of national and state government, including an analysis of the Missouri Constitution.


I basically have the sweetest schedule that includes no friday classes!

3 day weekend all the time!!



Jogging Class

Chemistry class


 Hospital to get dye injected into legs

Try to figure out chem missed on friday

 Selection and Preparation of Foods class

 Back to hospital for bone scan


next post: recap of the weekend


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