Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nike Clearance Event!!

Great Deals

Nike has some amazing coupon codes out right now for clearance items.

If you use the coupon code NIKEAIR you get 25% a clearance item

Then you can use the coupon code JUSTDOIT and get free shipping!

My three favorite things are on clearance right now:

Tempo Shorts (can get for under $12!!!)


I really love these grey ones, so if anyone feels good spirited and wants to buy them for me while they are buying their own, I’m a size XS! :) haha

Sports Bras (click low to high and most of the beginning ones are on clearance, unfortunately a lot of them are size L, XL, XXL and sadly I wear an XS or a S)





If you’ve never run in Nike’s tempo shorts, you are missing out. They are BY FAR the BEST shorts to run in. If I had more money and wasn’t a poor college kid, I would buy every color! What’s nice is that I can wear Kid’s size Large and those are usually a few dollars cheaper. Otherwise I get the xs shorts.

Capris! Perfect for weather that is a bit cold but not cold enough for pants. I even wear them to just lounge around the house or go to class because they are so comfortable. I would buy these because $20 is a great price, but I already have 2 pairs of plain black.

Sports Bras! You have to love Nike sports bras! They fit like a glove for me. I always ask for those for Christmas or my birthday because they are seriously the best of the sports bras I’ve tried and that includes Champion.


So what are you waiting for, go check out the clearance section and get you some good deals!!


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