Monday, September 27, 2010

Reading is Relaxing. Chemistry is Not.




Haha no this is not an actual picture of us.

Aqua jogging for 36 minutes.




Chicken Fried Rice that had WAYYYY too much soy sauce. Can you say salty? I swear my arteries were clogging as I was eating.


Some salad with cottage cheese, shredded cheese and pork. Oh and I snuck some croutons in too for the crunch!


* Selection and Preparation of Food Class
* Aqua Jogging with the Team
* Weight Lifting – didn’t do, because I’m going to do it wednesday
* Dinner
* Chemistry Tutoring
* Write Formal Lab Report

* Do More of Nutrition Study Guide
* Get 10/10 on Chem Homework


So I’m almost done for the day!! Then I will read more of this:


I’ve made time to read at night and I love it! I seriously love to read but rarely have time. So I read at night.

Yesterday I read about 60 pages of Eclipse. So relaxing.

What books are you reading right now?


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