Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Giveaway Coming Your Way

A very sad blog post that really makes your heart break



Some “plat outs” it’s basically a panini of chicken and southwest sauce with some peppers.
Spinach, cottage cheese, turkey and egg salad
Fruit Salad
Orange Juice


Fruit Salad
I didn’t eat this sandwich, it was dry and nasty.



Stuffed Shells
”Plat Out” that was turkey, cheese and onions
A few wedge fries
2 cheesy breads
Orange Juice


Now for the rest of the night I will be studying Chemistry.

Ugh Chemistry is like my second boyfriend. I seriously spend everyday with it :(

No matter how much I read and try to comprehend some of the things we learn, I still can’t quite understand it.

Once it’s all jumbled together on the test I will completely get everything confused.

There are so many exceptions and rules, it’s awful. A 4.0 this semester might be extremely hard because of Chemistry. BOO!


A giveaway will be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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Meg said...

Thanks, Sam...not sure if my last comment was deleted but I wanted to say thanks for your comment. I have been feeling GUILTY for not doing anything more but your boyfriend said it all. Your "first" boyfriend, not CHEMISTRY. He doesn't seem like much fun but pour your heart into him tonight(yes, the chemistry), it'll pay off in the end!
Hugs, Girl.

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