Thursday, August 5, 2010

Workout Wednesday (Thursday) and Wisdom Teeth


Sorry I wasn’t here for workout wednesday, but tell me what you did anyway!!!

I obviously didn’t do anything because I got my wisdom teeth taken out!


Got my bandage to prove it!




As much as I could get into my mouth!



Buttery mashed potatoes, yummmm!




I attempted to make teeth with the syrup, epic fail.



More taters!!!


Hah sorry that was a boring post but I didn’t really do too much yesterday besides watch tv, did you hear about the morgans dvd and nap as well as eat.

Today I hopefully am getting the new Sims 3 Ambitions game as a get well present!! :D That’s what I’ll be spending my time doing!!!

I posted my giveaway in my giveaway side bar on the right up there, that way you can find it easier!


2 footprints:

Matt said...

How long are you off of running?

Genesis said...

when i got my wisdom tooth taken out, they didnt give me enough numbing stuff and no matter how much more they injected I could still feel stuff. finally they just went with it and sliced my gums and I felt every little bit. I was in so much pain afterwards, but they gave me some serious pain killers, that I was thankful for :)

my workout yesterday was to lift the remotes to watch True Blood episodes that I missed.

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