Friday, August 13, 2010

Recap and Blog News

Alright, sorry about the sporadic posting. I promise it’ll actually become a regular schedule once I get to school. I leave Wednesday so just trying to get things together!

Before I do a recap I want to share some things I have in store for the blog.

-Scheduled posts at scheduled times at least around the same time of day
-Updates when I find new products and add them to the shop. I love being able to share the products I use for you all to have the option to buy and the cheaper options at that! amazon definitely has some of the best deals. I’m not about making money from this, but the main reason is to share an easy way to buy the products I use and love! Letting you know when I add products saves you from going to my shop and checking or not having an idea when new products are available!
-More of an idea of my daily life and not just what I eat and run. might not be too detailed, but will be more like a “to do list”
-Post the questions you all ask me and my answers. I comment back to most questions, I try to answer all but sometimes I forget! So this way I can answer them back to you and in case others wanted to know the answer too, they can see without searching for my comment on the questioners blog!


Those are just a few things that will happen once I get to school. Sorry I haven’t commented on blogs very much.

If you have any other suggestions about making this blog better, let me know.

Sometimes I get a feeling it’s too cluttered or things like that!

Alright recap time!!!


Had to go to the oral surgeon to get my dry socket packed from my wisdom teeth removal. So I didn’t have breakfast.


When I got back from my appointment I really wanted to try to run!!

Run: 1 mile at 7:50 pace

Didn’t feel so good so I went back home.



Some chicken fingers and ranch dressing.


IMG_8720 IMG_8724

Got Trader Joe’s Tortellini over the weekend so I made it!




Sportin my new red laces, phiten necklace and livestrong sports bra!!


Went out on another run.

Run: 1.7 miles in 14:52 @ 8:44 pace

Just a nice and easy run, had some pain in my mouth and stomach so I stopped.

Yesterday (Thursday)

Had to go back again to the oral surgeon to get the packing replaced. So no breakfast again.


Run: 2 miles in 16:32 @ 8:16/Mi pace

Just taking it easy with my mouth so I don’t get an infection and such. Then easing back into running since I took a week off. Doing two a days to get mileage in.



My brother made tuna salad so we had sandwiches for lunch.



Alex and I went and got Froyo!!



We picked up some Jimmy John’s too! I got the Italian Night Club and ate about half of it.


Run: 3 miles in 25:01 @ 8:20/Mi pace

Ran at alex’s house, felt really good.


Then I came home! No you’re all caught up!!!!


Coming up
Review of the restaurant we ate at on my birthday
A little bit more about the Phiten necklaces since I was asked about them!!


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Anonymous said...

some great stuff going on in your blog land :) i wish i could post regularly!

Anonymous said...

hey girlie!!
aww i'm sorry to hear about the dry sockets! I got my wisdoms out last spring...they took forever to heal! :( I hope your recovery is speedy!!
LOVE red laces!
I hope you have a great weekend, goodluck with the packing/travel back to school!

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