Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Countdown has Started

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Yesterday’s run was a long run that I didn’t get to do on Sunday.

7 miles in 57:46 @ 8:15 pace

Ran at 6:45am. Even though the temperature was really low, the humidity had to be really high because I sweat as much as I do when it's 90 degrees out. This run took a long time to get into. My arches just hurt so bad from the spikes. Then I have a support training shoe so going from that to a spike and back to that really puts pressure on my arches.

mile 1: 8:44
mile 2: 8:23
mile 3: 8:13
mile 4: 8:13
mile 5: 8:09
mile 6: 7:53
mile 7: 8:14

definitely started feeling better at mile 3, but really at mile 5. The last mile was slower because of the hills in my hood haha. By the time I had already ran 6.5 miles my legs did not want to do .5 of hills back home, so they were sluggish and heavy.

getting my wisdom teeth out wednesday..hoping it won't take too long to recover so I can still have a good week of training.





Last bowl of Trix!




Cheese tots and XL coney…and yes I ate all of that, except a few tots. Alex wanted some hah. Since he paid for it all, I felt it was okay to share.



Meet Luna! Alex’s family just got a new rottweiler puppy. Isn’t she cute?


Went to Rich and Charlie’s for dinner. They have all you can eat pasta on Monday’s.

I got tortellini (no pictures were taken, sorry) and then I got pasta con broccoli. Tortellini was decent but I didn’t like the pasta con broccoli much.

Their cheesy bread was absolutely delicious and I had like 5 pieces and then their salad is like Pasta House’s salad. So it was pretty good too.


6 days until I turn 20!
1 day until my wisdom teeth are out
7 days until my OpenSky shop opens
12 or so days until I return to school


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Genesis said...

aw, i want a puppy. i wish our apartment let us have pets.

Anonymous said...

great long run! i wouldn't worry too much about your wisdom teeth and all. but i guess it depends on whether or not they're impacted. mine weren't and i was 100% a few hours later. my sister had complications with hers and still was only out 2-3 days. so i think you'll bounce back :)

Kelsey said...

yes of course he is CUTE!!!!! AWEEE <3

id like the dog with a side of cheesy dogs too haha ;)

btw i was gonna enter ur giveaway but bummer that we dont have them here in Canada :( .. lucky americans!! <3

Anonymous said...

I wish Trix still had their fruit shapes. They don't taste as good as puffs.

Samantha said...

You are so right!! They aren't as crunchy. I loved the shapes, these are just so boring.

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