Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vegetables, no way?!

Alex came over yesterday!

I worked on my puzzle while I waited for him to get to my house.


It’s getting further along.

Q: What do you think the puzzle is?



Alex got to my house and we had cereal for lunch!


I bet you wouldn’t guess that under alex’s bowl (the left) there are cocoa puffs!

Yes that is right, Alex finished off the cocoa puffs. I had trix (the right)


Then we played Band Hero. Because we are runners we made such an original band name “Fast Feet”

Don’t be jealous, we’re cool and we know it…haha!


My wrist hurt after about an hour or more of touring the world.

So Alex and I asked my parents to play a game with us.

We chose dominos.


Straight Dominos.


Mom won. I lost. :( Oh well, you can’t win them all!


running copy

It was getting close to dinnertime so I went running.

Since it was only 6pm it was still sunny and hot out.

So all in all, my run wasn’t very good and my legs were really sore.



My mom makes fun of my pictures, so I guess I’ll have to use self timer from now on hah.

Then I can be like Sarah at SkinnyRunner


She always takes the best pictures! This one was found on her blog and if you don’t read it…you should!

She’s funny and a fast runner!


5 miles in 41:24 @ 8:16 pace

mile 1: 8:17
mile 2: 8:28
mile 3: 8:10
mile 4: 8:08
mile 5: 8:18


When I got back and cooled off dinner was ready.


We had BBQ. I had a hotdog and the amazing corn with mayo and cheese on it. Trust me, it’s good.


Alex said “Sam give me your camera”

and I said “why?”

he said “I want to take a picture because you are eating a vegetable!”

So here is the result, don’t mind the “I just ran” look.


That’s what’s up. I was picking corn out of my teeth for a few minutes afterward.


Hope your day went well!!



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Matt said...

You need to be eating more veggies ;)

Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

I love her blog! she is so funny.

haha whoohoo a veggie--nice goin ;)

Kelsey said...

you ran with Sarah! oh what a TREAT!!

omg you look liek me when i eat corn! hahaha thats what i call a "snacking squirrel moment!" munch munch munch. yea i always need tooth floss after i eat corn on the cob.

yesterday and today have been puzzle days! i think thats so funny/awesome that u worked on one because i wanted to last night but we dont have any puzzles and i debated running to the store quickly to pick one up. i should have!

xoxo <3

Genesis said...

i love not sure i can quite make out what its going to brother and i once finished a stamp puzzle in less that a day...yup we were bored.

i try to take self portraits after a run, but its kind of hard with my new dslr :S i have to learn how to use it!

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