Friday, July 16, 2010

I’m puzzled

I slept at Alex’s house last night. We live about 30 minutes away from eachother.

So by the time I got home around 9:15am I was hungryyy.





I don’t move on to a new cereal until the first one is finished.

So if you are getting sick of seeing Cocoa Puffs then you’ll be glad

that the box is almost finished. :)


Dad went to work early so I made my lunch. He’ll actually be home for dinner

though. I think we might be going to Applebee’s.


Cheese and Triscuits. Grapes and a Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Dunkers (so good)

and of course my multivitamin.


Our internet went out and I was too lazy to go restart it downstairs.

So I figured it was time to stop reading blogs and something else I have been wanting to do.

Besides playing blog catchup that is.

So I started a new puzzle.


Do you separate the end pieces from the middles? I do and I flip all the pieces over so I can see them.


Border is complete. You’ll have to keep reading to see what the puzzle is!

Who knows, maybe it won’t be finished for a month! haha :)


Run for the day: 6 miles…let’s hope I can run it all today.
The weather needs to be nice and everything will be good.


Q: Where’s your favorite place to eat out?



2 footprints:

Matt said...

My favorite place to eat out is anywhere that has good breakfast food!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Matt; Eating out for breakfast is my favorite! Actually, yesterday I had the best breakfast of my life... the bad news was that it was in Austria. I probably won't be frequenting that one (sigh).

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