Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Run!

I'm sure most of you runners out there have experienced a good run. 

Mine was Monday!

Check out that last mile! 

I had a Charley's California Chicken and Auntie Anne's Pretzel.

I didn't have time to read Eat Pray Love but I'm moving on to another book.

The Extra Mile! I've heard it's really good, so that's what I'll be reading!


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Matt said...

The Extra Mile is a great book! You'll love it!

Kelsey said...

there's truly nothing better than a great run in terms of any exercise! im so happy it was a monday too since it'll get u pumped for the whole week! GOOD JOB GIRL!

omg the cheese is oooooozing out of the bread!! mmmm!!

i dont know how i find time to comment so much lol. i usually take a good hour in the morning and 2 hours at night. im not sure how much that is compared to others but its one of those things that take over tv.. where i used to watch about 3 hours a day. but i make sure that anytime between is spent sun tanning, laughing, hanging out, and enjoying life! thats the best pointers i have.. if those can even be classified as pointers hehe

have a great night love!

Anonymous said...

awesome job with the run!!! super impressive :)

Gabriela. said...

Congrats on the amazing run, girl!

runnerforever said...

Yay for a great run, keep it up!

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